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sonofbaldwin reblogged your post: Underneath the Homophobia

I’m a gay man. And if you don’t know that homophobia is an offshoot of misogyny, then you don’t know the nature of oppression.

could you be anymore pompous. good for you being a gay man, but it’s BS to say that people are homophobic because of misogyny, that is not the root of homophobia.  femininity is not a trait of every homosexual male, and those homosexuals that are masculine are not exempt from homophobia. plain and simple. people are homophobic because of religion. you could also say people are sexist because of religion. they may be birthed from from the same thing, thus having a lot in common, but they do not come from one another. i’m not going to be grouped UNDER females because i am not a female, nor are other gay men. and your little rape comment you tacked on about lesbians i’m not even going to touch because that is the most reaching comment i’ve seen. 

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  2. cruaute said: guess that means lipstick lesbos are more discriminated and prejudiced against than butch ones
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